Monday, November 5, 2018


Understanding the past, the present and the future of the world

What lies in the future for you and for the world? Prophecy provides us with tomorrow’s news. God, the creator of the universe revealed precious truths about the future to the prophets who wrote them by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As evident to us, there are many of the Bible prophecies already fulfilled. Yet, there remains a fulfillment of many more at this end-time generation, before the return of Christ to the earth and after.

There is no prophecy in Bible that originated from personal ideas of the writer; it is all God’s direct inspiration. We have confidence that God is real and whatever He has said about the future will come to pass. The fulfillment of prophecies about word-ruling empires long before they appeared is sure evidence of fulfillment of the rest of the Bible prophecies.

There are many judgments coming upon the inhabitants of the world for disobeying the law of God. Prophecy encourages us to have faith in God by obeying His laws. A clear understanding of God’s grace is an inspiration to live according to the will of God.

Welcome on board and let us learn the facts on both true and false teachings and prophecies. Adventist Bloggers articles in this section cover the end times, the seal of God, the mark of the beast, prophecies of nations like the United States of America and the number 666. With prophecy understand where our world has come from, where we are and whatever the future holds.