The power of social media in preaching the Gospel


The power of social media in preaching the Gospel:-

Organizations, businesses, and various personalities have realized the importance of using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram among others in establishing the identity of their brands. People in their millions share, comment on and post text, images and videos frequently. This is a great way to reach out their target audience.

We can also use social media in various ways to reach out the world for Christ. Remember we have a commission to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the entire world. Social media is such a power mine for those who know how to press the right buttons. Many brands harness its power to achieve their goals such as scaling up profits and engaging their audience. Taking up to these facts, social media plays an imperative role in the human life. The saying goes that information is power.

There are many negative things posted on Social Media. I remember a time I had to log out my Facebook account in a public internet cyber café to prevent people around from thinking that the media in display was mine. You might be having the same experience, or even worse. Some might argue that it not appropriate to use social media. Here is the catch. Not everything on Social Media is negative. Not everyone in Social Media has ill motives.

When Jesus was commissioning his disciples (after rising up on the third day) to go and preach to the whole world, things like televisions, radios and internet access were not there.  It is likely that if this was that time, he could emphasize on the use such medium in reaching out to the world. It is our time to make use and take advantage of these opportunities to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

When did you last speak to more than 20 thousand people? May be that is too high; let us say just a thousand!  Unless you are in a position of responsibility, your guess is as good as mine is. Ask me the same question and I will confidently tell you, I speak to over 40 thousand people every week. That is the power of social media.

My bible tells me in the book of Daniel that those that turn many unto righteousness will shine as the stars forever and ever. My question to you is simple; why are you not reaching out the world for Jesus?

Let us embrace social media in preaching the gospel to the world.

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