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Elder Ted N.C. Wilson’s Special Prayer Appeal for Annual Council 2018 (Video)

Below is a video of Ted N.C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, recorded calling for prayer ahead of the Annual Council Meetings in Battle Creek, Michigan published on an official website...

How to live, laugh and see the funny side of GOD

GOD has a lot of sense of humour. When we were kids, gadgets and television didn't take much of our time, we usually played at night when the moon shined the brightest. Growing up, we...

Download 2018 4th Quarter Lesson/Mission and Weekly Summary

Download 2018 4th Quarter Adult Bible Study guide/Mission and Weekly Summary (with graphical illustrations) for easy reading.
Amazing Life Benefits of Sunsets and Sunrises you Probably didn’t Know Dream houses nowadays are showcased with amazing sunsets and sunrises. Beaches and mountain ranges are getting crowded because of the sought-after attraction sun-kissed experience brings. There is truly many spiritual sun-rayed wealth under the sun. Its unsurprising that the sun is esteemingly adored and highly revered as one of the gods in ancient world. Let us begin our journey to some great and vital truth as we discover them while gazing the sun. Joy of new beginnings. Power of faithfulness. Shared colours of life. Simplicity is beauty. Hope in death. Re-energise by rest. 1. Joy of new beginnings. Everybody loves anything new. New puppy, new house, new baby and new friend give us all mixed emotions. Newness of things are welcomed with open arms and this also applies in life. Starting and restarting a new job, new school, new neighbour, new church offers freshness. Forgetting of the past mistakes is a blessing. Forgiveness to self brings calmness of mind and soul beyond this world’s offer. JESUS says to forgive seventy-times-seven that every time one forgives, the counting restarts to zero as if one never did wrong. A fresh start of life. The LORD placed sunrises as a constant reminder that second chances thus exist. That's what GOD in life offers, a life of second chance. In fact, GOD by HIS great love offers unlimited chances of mercies and grace. (See Lamentations 322, 23). 2. Power of faithfulness. Sun always rises and sets down in spite of scorching storms, earthquakes and calamities. It reflects the MAKER CREATOR GOD WHO made it. Loyalty is taken lightly today as if it is an extinct virtue. When one receives a loyalty award, it is not such a big deal to many. Being true and firm are qualities you want from a friend that's why we call them friends unless we already parted ways. All employers want them. A school director prayed that he had all of them under his supervision so no need to fire and re-hire personnel. Surely hard to find true people but once found or met, they are precious jewels we desire to keep for life. Now, we could only be loyal if we seek and find in many ways that GOD is indeed faithful. Only JESUS WHO was faithful even unto death to save us serves as our living example. (Exodus 346) Ellen G. White proclaimed, 'the greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.' Education page 57. Truly, this is the greatest want of the world. 3. Shared colours of life. When Adam was alone watching and feasting the beauty that surrounds him. He found no one to share it with. Adam's happiness was incomplete even with the presence of the amazing animals and majestic birds. GOD did the delay for a special purpose so Adam understands that joy is fully expressed when shared with people, with Eve. Artistic minds of all walks of life paint sun sets or when it rises placing them in uniquely made frames. Paintings share the thought that life is full of colours and meant to be a blessing to everyone. That's why paintings are not kept in a vault or tried hidden. It's lovingly displayed and hanged in the wall. A most likely welcoming sight for every guest and visitor. Life is not only black or white for it's lively. It's in variety and multiplicity. GOD placed this shades of time to value life not in selfishness as prevention to boredom and routine life. In sharing, life is never stagnant or say not worth of living at all. If we view life not as an isolated island, we find its meaning, purpose, and beauty. Life is meant to be shared. Explore with a heart, with a direction and bring a smile to someone. Come out of your shell, our comfort zone and see that beyond what we now see are more colours of life. Be adventurous with a heart in the LORD. 4. Simplicity is beauty. Wherever we go, whether we go on a costly trip or just walk around the nearby parks, simplicity is exactly what nature reveals. In our modern world, we have high rising skyscrapers and intensely theme parks in every country. People try to make artificial beauty, man-made to the glory of self yet it cannot outdazzle or outlast the natural beauty, the GOD-made. Moreover, people spend millions in science to capture and maintain the outward qualities. Fashion and cosmetic industry had slaved the many. We are people endowed by GOD with the capability to think and analyse. Yet we are the only creature who doesn't value life with contentment. We are discontented with the colour of our hairs, our skin, shaved, bought make ups and went to painful surgeries just to be someone we are not. It’s as if we’re telling our Creator that something is terrible wrong with us as GOD's masterpiece. The psalmist says, 'I will praise THEE; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvellous are THY works; and that my soul knoweth right well. perfectly and wonderfully made'. Psalm 13914 Parents tell you child that she is perfectly and wonderfully made by GOD as she gets older. Tell them that real beauty is being kind, helpful, 'meek and quiet spirit' (1 Peter 34) that radiates like the sun, like JESUS. Simplicity is the essence of beauty. 5. Hope in death. Death gives a big blow to us. Even a dog feels the pain of losing a human friend. Rich and poor, believers and doubters all try to find answers when we are face to face with sting of death. Viewing sunsets in crowded city, in a breezy mountain or simply in the workplaces sprinkles the showers of hopefulness. The more people get closer to GOD's creation... the more we hope, the more we smile and the more we accept the reality of death with great anticipation of eternity. Yes, because JESUS was nowhere to be found in the grave when the sun was rising... Because HE lives, we have a living hope. Hope in the LORD beyond the dark, gloomy pangs of death. 6. Re-energise by rest. In between sunset and sunrise, is the quiet calming night. It's so nice to think that how busy a man could be and though the day for him seems endless, there is a night ready to embrace a weary soul. As if it tells us of the GOD WHO made it. Having a good night sleep is simply priceless. Bruises get healed, wound patched, hurting is gone and pain is mended. We find in the LORD wholeness in life. JESUS is the LORD of the Sabbath (Mark 228). The LORD of rest just like every restful night. JESUS said, 'Come unto ME, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 1128. Inviting JESUS through prayer brings healing in this busy, restless times. Accepting HIM as LORD and SAVIOUR is the only blessed assurance in life. Following HIS perfect will of keeping the Seventh-Day Sabbath is the sign we truly loved HIM (John 1415). As the sun continues to rise and shine and sets as memorial of GOD's power and mercies. Sabbath is a perpetual sign too of GOD's love for us. HE knew man will become so busy. HE understands that man will multi task for family's sake and for demands of life. HE felt that man will have many plans in life. Because JESUS dwelled among us in the flesh. Be revitalise as the LORD points us to ancient heavenly solution--by keeping the Sabbath rest (Luke 416). Yes, even in HIS last days, JESUS kept the Sabbath in the grave. Let us have JESUS in our hearts and find HIS renewing rest and find refreshing experience of the Sabbath. (Exodus 3117) We thank the LORD for the vastness of nature HE had made. It is full of wonders and exhales miracles. Walking in midst of nature is always unforgettable. We are never the same when nature speaks of the LORD WHO never cease to amaze us. May GOD's shower of the blessings through spiritual truth continually be found in every sunrises and sunsets we spend in our lives.

Amazing Life Benefits of Sunsets and Sunrises you Probably didn’t Know

Dream houses nowadays are showcased with amazing sunsets and sunrises. Beaches and mountain ranges are getting crowded because of the sought-after attraction sun-kissed experience brings. There is truly many spiritual sun-rayed wealth under the...
Little known facts that can help parents and the church to nurture Godly youths

Little known facts that can help parents and the church to nurture Godly youths

Parents and the church should understand their youths to address their challenges. Here is a list of little known facts that can help parents and the church to nurture Godly youths. Parents, do not ignore...